Composite Fillings

Composite (Tooth Colored) Fillings

At Premier Dentistry of Gettysburg, we specialize in composite fillings, a modern solution for restoring teeth affected by decay or minor fractures. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, composite fillings are made from a tooth-colored resin material that blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result.

The process of getting a composite filling is straightforward and typically completed in one visit. It involves removing the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth, cleaning the area, and then carefully layering the composite material into the cavity. Each layer is hardened with a special light, and the filling is shaped and polished to match the tooth’s original contour and function.

Composite fillings not only restore the integrity of the tooth but also provide excellent durability and resistance to fracture in small to mid-size fillings. They are an ideal choice for patients who prefer a more natural-looking restoration.

Our team at Premier Dentistry of Gettysburg is committed to providing high-quality, patient-centered care. We use the latest techniques and materials to ensure that your composite fillings are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Composite Fillings
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